Monthly Seo Services Plans

These plans are for the tougher keywords that you are struggling to get ranked

On all these seo plans we will target specific keywords related to your website and in a few weeks you will see a increase in traffic, but before we start we will let you know if you need to make any changes on your website. So join us today and get better ranking on all search engines, other firms charge up to £300 for this our prices are from just £29.99 and cancel anytime but we know you won't because we are that good at Link building and getting first page results.. 

New keywords are picked each month to target as to spread the back-links out we always get results within the first month, for harder keywords such as "Toy stores" this type of keyword can take up to 12 months to keep it steady on the first page. All backlinks that we make are indexed naturally and we even use the same methods on our sites so there for 100% safe.

Seo service Basic £29.99 One New keyword each month

In 12 months you will have 12 keywords on the first page of search engines

  1. 80 backlinks
  2. 10 social bookmarks
  3. 1 online press releases
  4. 1 blog created updated each month
  5. Twitter tweet to 50+ users
  6. Twitter status retweets 20+ users (New)
  7. LinkedIN 20 web shares (New)
  8. 100 Twitter Followers
  9. 100 Facebook likes
  10. 100 Pinterest Followers

Seo Service A (Medium) £95 Three New Keywords each month

In 12 months you will have 36 keywords on the first page of search engines

  1. 200 backlinks
  2. 20 social bookmarks
  3. 3 online press releases
  4. 1 blog created updated twice a month
  5. Twitter tweet to 100+ users
  6. Twitter Status Retweet 60+ (New)
  7. 400 twitter followers
  8. 400 facebook likes
  10. 600 Pinterest Followers
  11. LinkedIN 50 web shares (New)
  12. Facebook Fanpage Ranking (New)

Seo Service B (Ultra) £150  Six New Keywords each month

In 12 months you will have 72 keywords on the first page of search engines

This now includes indepth Product Backlinking ideal for ecommerce sites and Large websites

  1. 400 backlinks 70% with pagerank 3+
  2. 30 social bookmarks
  3. 4 online press releases
  4. 2 blogs created updated each week
  5. Twitter tweet to 200+ users
  6. 300 twitter followers
  7. 1000 facebook likes
  8. 400 Pinterest
  9. Youtube Channel Ranking
  10. Twitter Status Retweet 80+ (New)
  11. Facebook Page Ranking (New)
  12. LinkedIn 80 web shares (New)

Terms Of Service

Please note these plans can change without notice as we add new services all the time and social networks do change there terms of conditions which we need to abide by. 

These services are carried out each month as long as you maintain the subscription with us, monthly reports will be sent to your email address you provide on the contact form after you have paid. You will see results for at least one keyword within the first month but please keep in mind that to stay on the first page of all search engines you need to stick with a seo plan. Also first page results depends on the chosen keywords and back-links may be lost over time if you decide to leave us.
 Example of keywords we could target so you have a idea 
Web design
Injury solicitors
Estate agents

Please make sure on the contact form you add your website url and facebook page, if there is more than one website/Fan page  we will share the plan equally between them.
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